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Let's do this....


(First  Verse)


Finally I’m alive again, a life who can survive and then

Rise up with the tides, when I’m disguised as a Leviathan 

Animal, I thrive- when- I'm inside lion’s den

Try to kill me with a tiger, and I’ma take his eye from him!

A viper strikes and bites, but it's like I took a Vicodin 

Or vitamin, I'll take that snake and stake it through a spike and win

Likened to a psycho, bring a Lycan- I'll invite him in

Wonder where that wolf is when I strike him with my lightenin’!


Thunder bolts, ten hundred volts, deceased increase like underfolds

Hurricanes, you heard it rain, tornados seem just wonderful!

Tidal waves mean idol graves- toast you with my microwaves

You can count with no hands all the people that I might go save!


Yeah! Relentless- I render all defenceless

 The alcoholic truth- I don’t speak in false pretenses

Pretentious? You bet- because the rest cannot prevent this

The quest is for perfection- I progress to where the end is!




Come a long with me,    

It's my prophecy

This you oughtta see

On my odyessy

My odysssey

Why honestly

This you outta see

On my odyssey


Tremendous, not the destination but the journey 

Is endless, like the reputation that it earned me

It's meant as a metaphor for fate and what you learn see

I will stimulate my senses 'til I’m placed upon a gurney


Death is near, forget the fear- I wanna make my method clear

As crystal to you meth heads, ya my deathbed is a F-in mirror!

Embedded with some letters that just spread across the header,

and that spell there's no one better. I won't let off what I said in here!


I mean it! Cuz that is what I said in here, repeated!

In and out your second ear, you'll see it!

I'm geared up for an epic year 

You're readily defeated, ya you're nowhere near my hemisphere 


Oppose my opposition with ruthlessness I bring them

I wonder what you animals are doing in my kingdom

So wake up Mother Nature, Father Time- cuz I’m their child

I laugh at all disasters, I'm a master of the wild


(CHORUS- background vocals)


I do not know who

Who I have become...


Coming now to see 

That I am the one...


Been two years since I last released some music

Blasphamy- questionin' my ways did I lose it?

But I'm too sick at rhyming not to reach my full potential

The game is with my mind and it drives me fucking mental

I'm meant though, to kill it, the foundation is in place and

The mountain that I’m facing is towering- let's face it

I cannot be complacent now, I owe it my bases 

Of people who support me, I'm going back to basics 

Basically, I’m obligated, there is no other basis

My drive is just to see that wowed look upon your faces

Crowd defining me? I'm finally free, going places




Come a long with me,    

It's my prophecy

This you oughtta see

On my odyessy

My odysssey

Why honestly

This you outta see

On my odyssey




Who I have become...

Who I have become...


I am the one...




Let’s start it- cuz this shit is about to get retarded

Departed- ya yes we have and now it reset, restarted

Discarded- ya I’m the star whose offense can’t be guarded

This hip-hop kids are trippin’ out and now I get red carded!

Hardly finished- as you witness I’m about to Test Your Limits

Diminishin’ you timid bitches wishes within minutes

In it- to win it- I refuse to see me losin’

Listen to the hits I spit to find this shit amusin’

My crew and I are cruisin’- it’s gonna rock like I’m a boulder

I’m so fucking far ahead of you- you’re talking to my shoulder

Bolder than before, now I’m older and wiser

And I’m colder than a sore, but I will scold you if you try, sir 

Advisor- you’re gonna need a parent for this portion

 Been there before, prepare for war, it’s apparently Distortion

Unfortunately, they’re all scared I’ll make a fortune:

The heir is born, beware I’ve torn your prayer for my abortion


Fate has spoken, ya life’s a game and I’ma take your token- 

So you DIE- and you’re mistaken if you think I’m jokin’

No lie- I’ma make you maggots so you’re croakin’

Good bye- this rule ain’t made to be broken

Provokin’ lots of patrons with a shock across the nations

Proclamations of a juggernaut- I cause abominations

Domination- got the patience, dot your head like a Dalmatian 

Oscillations of my thoughts there’s a lot-

you’ll need a lock to stop me when I rock these combinations

Knock your face in, and fatality’s the fate that you are facin’!


Cuz this is what I do, it is just somebody who 

Keeps writing ‘til my thumbs are bloody, suddenly I’m cutting through

Buddy you’re a bunny, but outrun me man, I’m hunting you

Call me Almur Fudd, see it’s funny that I’m gunning Hue!

Silly putty, I’m a nutty professor, and I’m cunning too

Stun you with these studies like I’ve done since I was 22




(First Verse)


Have you ever been so close to success that you can taste it?

Maybe you can relate in one way or another 

Basically, I say is no time is wasted- no space to get complacent- when I can attain the thrill of levitation and then hover

Recovering from failure, I can’t spare no hesitation. Cuz my road to redemption, it’s a feeling like no other

The pursuit of all my dreaming, with the booing and the screaming- meaning it’s like a fusion with all my haters; I’m a lover

I’ma fight off all these daemons, see them dissipate and vanish Managing my fate in ways just like Duffy, he’s my brother

Drive and motivation, internally I’m steaming. Waiting patiently- won’t break, I’ma make it off the rubber

Encouraged by support, not negating all the people- my friends, enemies and good graces of my mother

Joy replaces anger, frustration turns to glee- when I see a magazine and I’m gleamin’ on the cover (now)



This life is my story- Got to tell them don’t ignore me. I’ve drove these roads and walked these streets a thousand times.

And as the days go by, I always try to be who I am. To be who I am. To be who I am.


(Second Verse)

Now it has been a minute since I’ve spit it on this flow

They way I lived just drove me livid so I’m gonna give this shit a go


Here’s my best, I’ll express and let everybody know

I’m hard pressed that you’re impressed with any of my show


But if I ever wanna grow, it is the Truth that I must conquer

Constantly in the booth right now cuz all you people concur


Agreeing that I failed, ya the industry prevailed; 

Now you see me get impaled, deceased and I’ve been nailed


Deep inside a coffin because that is where they lay me

It happens all too often, but yo I still met with Shady


And I’ll take that to the grave even though they didn’t sign me

I got inside the gate and now that chapter is behind me


Aftermath did contact me and asked how I devise

The rhymes I do to buy in to so I could get the prize


What I have done has lead to my demise

The darkest knight, the hardest fight, so I think it`s time to RISE!




Now I can’t explain in words the change of heart that I am feeling

It’s like I’m torn apart between the floor and with the ceiling

Kneeling as I question all these cards that life is dealing

Cart wheeling from the start for what you people find appealing


 See your vision of this artist has become revealing

That you have congealed opinions now there is no more concealing

Bigger fish to fry? It’s like a shark I’m fucking reeling

But I see a great white light right now and so begins the healing


I’ma win this now, a resurrection you’ll witness wow, 

Bitches bow. You better dig this, I’ll be vicious, I’m burnin you skids like witches now! 

This is how, listen to my business vow- man sit this out. Rippin’ wishes, opinion, which is: malicious kids are ridic-u-lous.

Bring the doubt; it’s the sound of me being pissed- take my fist and pound

Split the ground, it’s profound. Earth spins so quick that it flips around

Is this allowed? This hip-hop shit got disembowelled

It’s so foul. Diss with wit when I spit and shout

I am who I am, man, in and out!



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