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I have been a clever wordsmith from an early age.  For some reason, I was naturally gifted with linguistics and interpreting musical algorithms, and so I find hip-hop the optimal platform to speak from… However, it has been for from an easy process for me; an unconventional upbringing has therefore enabled me to mould an entirely different stylistic approach to the genre. All of which revolves around ‘Rhyming Theory’. It’s a concept I came up with of almost mathematically producing rhymes while still encrypting them with meaning...

Even though I have always felt I've known how to blend words together in the most appeasing manner possible, it took a 70-hour bus trip across North America for me to extract from my sub-conscious how I formulate these rhymes, and turn it in to something tangible.

What’s crazy is how every rhyme I’ve ever written before or after devising these ‘rules’, so-to-speak, they have all matched up with the template.

Understanding how to deliver those lyrics over a beat is as important as the lyrics and beat themselves. That realization hit me when I worked extensively with some industry professionals, who really helped coach me to hone the craft. I am now looking to create, promote and perform my new music. Literally- just travel the globe and do what I love... Development is always taking place, and this is the latest and greatest from the mind of 


Press play and turn the volume up!


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